Rahman returns with an absolute gem..

A.R.Rahman possesses the art of composing songs that just pierce your heart and touch your soul in a  very special manner. While listening to his tunes, you feel that the tune was developing inside you all the while and a magician has come about and made a song out of it. It is that feeling of instant connect that makes his songs so special.

Just listen to his latest offering called ‘Kun Faaya Kun’ from the movie ‘Rockstar’ – joining him in the song are Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan. The song and the picturization are beautiful. What melody, what rhythm.. I have loved all Rahman compositions of this genre – be it Piya Haji Ali from Fiza, Arziyaa from Delhi 6 or for that matter, Noor-Un-Ala from Meenaxi.. but this song is in another league altogether. Give it a listen, and you’ll know why.

PS :

The story behind Kun Faya Kun is that when Allah made the world in 6 days, he said these words.. Kun Faaya Kun and the universe came into being.


Changing times, changing handwritings.

When I was in my first grade and had to improve my handwriting using those cursive writing practise books that my school had issued, I used to toil away at getting my As and Bs correct. (It is a different matter altogether that I have to worry about my Ps and Qs now) I would look at my parents’ handwriting, my grandpa’s handwriting, and used to fancy my handwriting over theirs. I mentally vowed never to change my handwriting, no matter what happened. I vowed to keep my handwriting as beautiful as it was.


Time passed, I switched grades.. and I still managed to hold on to my extra cursive handwriting that took me ages to complete an assignment or an exam paper. School got over, I hopped to college. I still clung on to my handwriting, refusing to part with it even for the lengthy Board exam papers.


I tried to hold on.. hold on.. but alas, the time came when I had to choose efficiency over beauty and style and that’s when I traded in my handwriting for a faster and neater version of it. Faster and neater, but not beautiful. Tidy? Yes. But not beautiful. Now I have a spanking new handwriting and style that allows me to write as fast as anybody. But I miss that old handwriting, I miss that time. I miss it.

Moi and MAD!

This was published in the Hitavada, Nagpur’s supplement called ‘Insight’ today. I am so happy and proud of the current MAD team in Nagpur which consists of Nachiket Deshpande, Harshil Gupta, Saurabh Bajaj, Bhagyashree Barahate, Ankita Poddar and Pranay Patil. What a great team, fellas! Love the energy.Just want to spread the word about MAD through my blog! 🙂

Cooking show overload!

My TV screen is flooded with TV shows about cooking. From Top Chef to Masterchef, from Nigella’s Kitchen to Rachel Allen’s ‘Bake’, it’s food all around. The latest show that caught my fancy was Top Chef : Just Desserts.

Such a beautiful concept. An entire reality show about pastry chefs and each challenge revolving around desserts. From cakes to fondues, from souffles to pastries, from different types of donuts to what not, a delightful treat for the senses.

My biggest gripe with these shows is that I don’t know half of the ingredients they use! My mind boggles with each mention of a exotic ingredient which I have absolutely no clue about. And again, being a vegetarian makes things worse. I am of the strong belief that people should come up with a vegetarian version of Masterchef or Top Chef – that would be something! 😀

Apart from that,
these shows make me wish I was a really kick-ass cook. I end up with a feeling similar to the one I had when I finished watching the delightful movie about cooking, ‘Julie and Julia’ (if you’ve not watched it, please do – you can thank me later) .. Mmmmmm.. I think I should now get something to eat as all this mention of cooking shows has got my mouth watering.

Bon Appetit!