Sach is life :)

Happy Birthday, you wonder of a man! 
38 years to the moment you came to the rescue of a nation who needed to witness a miracle, who needed inspiration.. and though you have reached Godly status in my country, I know you are human, and yet you are not. 

Every person who has watched you knows how you have managed the weight of expectations of a billion+ crazy fans for 20 years. You Sir, are legend.

The irony of life.

Life can be so ironic at times.. and it stares you in the eye at some of the most unexpected moments. I work for a youth volunteer network called Make A Difference ( and as a part of the core team in my city, it’s a part of my duty to co-ordinate efforts where these underprivileged children get to know the outside world more and be a part of it.

And that’s what we did when we had 4 beauty queens from 4 different nations visit our physically-challenged children from a certain centre. They were Miss Canada, Miss Sweden, Miss Iceland and Miss Mongolia. They interacted with the kids, played games, drew pictures, sang, danced and did everything that would make their time with the children even more fun. Towards the end, the children were in a mood to dance and we put on a Bhangra song for them. The song was ‘Saddi Gali’ from the recent hit ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. You’d say, ‘what’s so ironic about this?’

But it is..
for a song that says,
‘Even though by mistake, come to my lane sometime’

And I saw these kids dance to this song like there was no tomorrow. Children who were living this song, who just want your time and love and consideration. Nothing more than that.. children whose faces light up when you visit them, teach them something new, respect them for the individuals they are.. it was one of the most difficult moments in my life when I realized this irony and tried hard to stop that lone tear from flowing down my cheek.