Silent rambling..

Everyone’s parents warns them to study hard to get into a good grad school. Everyone tries, some not that much and like the author, end up in a not so good college for graduation. Everyone’s parents tell them why it is so important to get into a good grad school and how good a launching pad it is. The thing is, you don’t know EXACTLY what they mean unless you graduate from grad school, and someone you know graduates from an infinitely better grad school.. 

What that translates into is – 
Having lesser exposure
Having lesser pay 
Having a less attractive and challenging job
Missing the launchpad altogether 
Not having enough ‘relevant’ knowledge about the industry
and finally, 
falling behind in this big fat race called life 
Now I am not saying that this is happening to me because I am yet to finish my education. But the difference I note between students of a so-so college and those from a good college are too many to even count. I know that this should not mean a lot to many people who have a lot of belief in their capabilities but no one can deny  the amount of good a good college does to an individual. 
The pang when you see people your age excel at things you never imagined were possible, the things which you always thought were out of reach.. when all that starts happening, your parents’ words ring truer than ever. 

Some words just linger on..

Some words, some lines just stay on, long after you have heard them..
Some of them are the lines from the song Arziyaan from the album Dilli 6.

So simple, yet so profound..
Asking God to fix your destiny.. *sigh*

दरारे दरारे माथे पे मौला 

मरम्मत मुकद्दर की कर दो मौला . .