My sweetheart says Hi! :)

Returning to Flickr right on my birthday after one horrible exam, 3 movies, almost a month and lots of tears, of joy and sorrow.

And this baby in my hands, is my parents’ gift to me on my 21st birthday 🙂 🙂
The Canon 1000d.

Thank you Aai. Thank you Baba.

When things don’t go your way

When things don’t go your way, 
It feels like it’s just not your day, 
Looking overhead, the skies seem dull and grey, 
And once it’s favorite child, you are now it’s latest prey.. 
All the praying and wishing seems futile, 
You want to sleep, but you have to walk many a mile, 
Your troubles keep stacking up, in that big, no huge pile, 
And whatever you do, you just can’t get yourself to smile.. 
Yes, those days, those sad sad days.. 
Suddenly you think you’ve been reminded of your place.. 
Looking upwards from the bottom of the ladder, 
When life’s all swords and daggers.. 
Those days, those bad bad days, 
You’re under fire, but trying to save your grace.. 
Going to sleep with a troubled mind, 
Wishing tomorrow wouldn’t be another of such days.. 

And when the results are out..

There are a lot of times when emotions just take over you.. and you fail to think rationally.. and most of the times it is because of the sheer amount of love you receive that makes you question whether you really deserve it. My college exams results were out this time and I scored a not-VERY-good 67% (the topper was at 82%) and the moment I calculated the percentage, I knew the score was not too good and was not going to help my aggregate. However, I did acknowledge the fact that the score could have turned out to be much worse and thanked God nevertheless.

And then it was time to call up my grandparents and tell them about my score.. and what followed was nothing short of magical. It so happened that my mom had already told them of my score when I was talking to a friend and I was greeted by the most energetic voices of my grandparents over the phone who could not stop praising my performance at the exam and went on to tell me that I had worked hard, and God always rewards those who work hard.The conversation lasted for a couple of minutes but not once could I sense anything other than pride in those soft, soothing voices that belonged to my grandparents..

As I put the phone down, I knew, the results were out.
The results were out, I was very lucky.
Very lucky indeed.

To have this unconditional love,
I was blessed and God had made a distinction.


Spread some light.

Spread some light., originally uploaded by tipsytoes.

Blogging after a long hiatus..
It was a blogging hiatus of course, because I was occupied with exams and some other very uninteresting things.

As my favorite festival comes knocking again,
I share with you all this new photograph clicked by me.. this year, I have vowed not to indulge in bursting loud and polluting crackers and to have a totally eco-friendly Diwali. Enjoy the sweets, the festivities, the diyas, the warmth, the smiles on your relatives’ faces, splurging on new clothes and getting gifts from your brothers on Bhai-dooj 🙂

Happy Diwali friends!