Hard work *does* pay

It was the same me, a year ago. It was the same me, who was thinking about an admission to a b-grade MBA college because things were so bad and it is the same me today who tried her best to improve things and kind of succeeded. 2011 was nothing short of a nightmare. CAT had been a total bouncer. With an abysmal score in quantitative aptitude and a horrible 80%ile overall, the doors to all MBA colleges were closed for me.


Cut to May 2011, when all the exams were done with, and the saving grace was a 97%ile in the state MBA exam, the MH-CET. I was about to take admission to a certain college for the only reason that I had no choice. But thanks to my parents who encouraged me to give it one more try and my utter luck for finding that one good teacher who makes the difference, I decided to risk it all and give CAT another try.

5 months of dedicated preparation, a lot of debacles and a lot of instances of banging my head on the wall because of maths, a lot of bitter-sweet moments later, the decision justified itself. This year, I have a 95.70%ile in my CAT. And though it was Maths that let me down again (a 90.71%ile in quantitative aptitude), I am thrilled and proud to share that I have 3 calls from some very good colleges and have two more college exams to appear for.

2011 has taught me how to learn, how to unlearn. But most importantly, 2011 taught me to strive hard for what matters. Because at the end of the day , there should not be any regrets. There should not be any ‘what-ifs’. Give it your all. Everything else shall follow.