Bidding goodbye to Polio.

Today, India celebrates one full year since it’s last reported case of Polio. India is one of the PAIN countries, the only remaining countries where Polio is still an endemic disease. PAIN consists of Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria. Just years ago, this health program seemed stalled but it is to the credit of the government which has been promoting Polio vaccination on a big scale to make eradication possible.

India is closer to Polio eradication than it was ever before. And it all thanks to the medical administrators and the medical officers who have shown immense dedication and sincerity towards this task. And also worthy of a mention are Rotary International, WHO and the Gates Foundation.

A killer disease, Polio causes paralysis hours after contraction of the virus. If the efforts continue on the same scale, very soon, we shall bid good-bye to this horrible disease and get one step closer to making Indian kids healthy.