Finding direction..

Sometimes life seems like one big game of tug of war, and worst, in all directions. There are just so many things happening, all at the same time. Somehow, your life will rearrange itself in perfect tradeoff situations where you can enjoy one only if you completely let go of the other. This is, I think, life’s gentle way of telling you not to be greedy and also reminding you that prioritising helps in the long run.

There are so many tightropes to walk. From seemingly simple ones like keeping up with academics v/s keeping abreast with all the happenings of the world and priding yourself as the trivia master you were always known as, to the bigger battles like giving time to things that really matter.

It’s all a mess,
Suddenly everything matters,
You try jotting things down,
You look like a mad-hatter,
Tug and pull, life says tug and pull,
But let go, my child, let go..
Oh life, unravel!

This all seems so random, even as I write this down. But these are the things that currently matter. I think the trick is going with the flow and keeping your A-game intact. Life, here I come.. as I seek to solve at least one of  your grand puzzles.



Havelock Ellis – “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”