Some priceless things..

Two big events have made me look back at things that I have been taking for granted for the last many years, things that not everyone enjoys and things that no amount of money can buy and turn to happiness. Those two events are the Mangalore Air India crash that happened just a few days ago and the amazing one week holiday spent with cousins and extended family that concluded today.

These two events, although unconnected have managed to make me aware of a lot of things, clear up a lot of misguided notions about life, it’s fragility, of time racing against you and everyone else, of love and death, of conditions and terms, of fate and destiny. The Mangalore Air Crash and the horrific visuals relayed from the site of the crash was nothing short of appalling to someone like me who would have liked some sensitive reporting from the Indian media at the time of such crisis. It made me realize that there may be, there is a grander plan for all of us and there is a part that we all have to play, but let us not forget that the part to play could end tomorrow, for you never know which day is your last.

Sorry if I sound gloomy, but I’d rather take my mortality in good spirit and make the most  of my life – no matter how short or how long it is. If there is ONE thing that the crash has taught me is to maximize all the happiness one can get in his/her lifetime and cherish those times, have no regrets and move on.

The second event is a happy one. Actually, it is one of those amazing times that I have spent with my cousins and extended family, one of those that just stays on in your heart. After a lot many years, 7 of us cousins were together for the summer vacations this time – one full week! What a feeling it was to feel the connect with these people I love, all over again. Such a great overwhelming emotion of being loved, being cherished..

And not only cousins, spending time with my extended family – a total of 35 people in the same house – was the perfect retreat I needed from a world full of conniving people ready to stab you in the back any moment. It was this summer that I rediscovered the joy of family and togetherness, this summer that I have realized, all over again, how lucky I am to get such a lovely family who love me unconditionally and will always do so. These things may not seem very important to people.. but for me, they are priceless..

WHAT is more important?

Movies like Raavan and Kites, made at enormous budgets with publicity allotments worth crores wanting a bigger share of the audience market?


Movies like Udaan, made by a first timer, so good that it was included in an official selection at Cannes?

Is this a difficult choice?
The Indian media sure seems to have some messed up priorities!

Everything falls into place..

People have many ways to deal with it : some people spend their whole lives trying to deal and cope with it, some people run scared of it all the time : what most of us dread : rejection

Rejection, for the first-timer, is very difficult to take. The first dent that someone takes, the first rejection is indeed heartbreaking for most. Sometimes there does not seem anything beyond rejection : no matter how big or small. Sometimes, one rejection is enough to dissuade from taking up the cause or even something similar again in their entire life.When such a situation stares us in the face, it is is truly difficult to try and remain composed, leave optimistic.

I, for one, believe that everything is eventually a part of a grand design. If something was not obtained or achieved, it is because in the larger picture, there is something even better planned for you. This is my philosophy in life which has helped me get over a lot of downs in life. Don’t worry if things are not looking that great – have faith in yourself and your abilities, start over – everything, and I mean everything will fall into place, yes, it will


Talking of trains..

Talking of trains because I have just returned from a long 12 hour train journey and I could not
stop myself .. stop myself from thinking about the sleeping arrangement in our trains, by which I meant the Indian Railways.. it has always interested me- these tactics, to fit in the most amount of people in the least amount of space available..

And as I tried to fall asleep on a side berth, my mind wandered off to other countries, thinking how the sleeping arrangements in those trains must be like?

For the uninitiated, the sleeping arrangement by Indian Railways looks like this –

If you know of the sleeping arrangements in trains of other countries, do share them with me..
Also equally welcome are your ‘sleeping’ experiences aboard the Indian Railways


My brother

Dear brother,
Sometimes you make it very hard to love you
But most of the times,
you make it impossible not to.

There are those special moments,
when I realize that you are the perfect foil,
to me, and all that I have grown up to be in all these years,
you’ve seen me grow and change

I’ve seen you grow and change
and I remember when you tagged along wherever I asked you to
and now I see you happily surrounded by friends
and I get a tad jealous
wishing one of those people was me

But I know, somewhere deep inside,
You love me just the same,
You don’t have to show it..
You don’t.. because I love you too

Dear brother,
I love you ..