When mush takes over the brain..

When mush takes over the brain,
You know it’s time for the rains,
Suddenly you find your motivation going down the drain,
and the romantic in you is at the helm, with the reigns
A cup of hot steaming coffee,
As you watch the rains lash and pour,
Your favorite books kept close,
As the wind slams open the doors
A frantic rush to the verandah,
To gather all the clothes,
Smiling at the half wet you,
After a glance at the mirror you cannot control
And then the child inside beckons,
Wanting to run out and splash around,
Not a care in the world,
Just wanting to go wild like the clouds
And then the phone rings,
A dear friend’s voice crackling through,
Bringing that knowing smile on your face,
Something only a true friend can do
The longest conversation in the world,
A marathon reading session, not missing a single word,
Endless cups of coffee,
And after many many a sigh,
You realize it’s stopped raining,
A dream, again, perhaps, another day.

2 thoughts on “When mush takes over the brain..

  1. Uditi DUA says:

    You are soo sweet , you share your beautiful thoughts with me. I am just very poor and lazy in expressing my feelings and giving you advice as I have never done these things before. But its always good to read your blogs , the humour you have in your writing ,the sweet and sour moments in your work that makes someone feel refreshing. So keep writing because you are very good at and sharing with others , so they can also enjoy!! As you know life is like that !! 😛

    • Thank you so much sweetheart 😀

      It is all the more special when people close to you appreciate your thoughts and emotions. So thank you again 🙂

      I will definitely keep writing!

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