The Mango Carrier.

It was a very different day today. I had my last MBA interview of the season in Mumbai and had a flight back in the afternoon. But before the flight, we stopped at a shop on the narrow dug up lane near the airport for the first batch of heavenly Alphonso mangoes to take home.

Now this box of mangoes, called a peti is no ordinary box. It has the choicest Alphonso mangoes stuffed between dry straw that helps the mangoes ripen. You are supposed to carry the box as it is. And it does not weigh less. Holding the box by the attached strings is essentially a painful process and you end up with sore fingers if you don’t hurry up or carry it for too long.


So there I was, with a box of mangoes in my hand, wincing in pain because of the strain. When we landed, luckily, Dad took the other bag that I was carrying and I held the box properly between both my hands and walked proudly. Before I knew it, almost everyone waiting for their checked-in baggage near the carousel was staring at me. I could not understand why.



Well, to be honest, it really must have been the first box of mangoes that any of them saw this season. And to think of it again, I walked on with nothing but a big box of delicious Alphonso mangoes in my hand and it appeared that I had no other baggage as Dad was at quite a distance with the other two bags.


The looks continued : The security guard at the gate could not believe his eyes. The policeman who was supposed to direct traffic looked at me like I had a box of gold in my hands. An old man who passed by, smiled coyly, maybe the thought of the mangoes made  him happy as well. In a mango-crazy nation, where the mango is known as the king of all fruits, it was quite an experience to carry in what was perhaps the first case of mangoes to the city.


And now I realize, dressed in my interview formals, I looked like a delivery-person assigned with super important mangoes intended for a VIP (Very Important Person). Aaah, mangoes! YOU ARE MINE!

4 thoughts on “The Mango Carrier.

  1. Rondeep says:

    Interesting. Am a big fan of Alphonso mangoes too. But lemme tell you another interesting one, connected with flights. While on board a flight from Guwahati to Chennai, a lot of who’s passengers were patients to the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, including my father, who was going for a checkup, we noticed a strange individual who met a friend of his in the flight at a seat farther from his. He went up to him, stood near his seat and kept on talking to him for almost an hour and a half. A lot of the passengers were amazed to see him standing tall there and continuously chatting to the other guy non-stop. Even a slight experience of a turbulence while flying over the Bay of Bengal in a cloudy day and his friend’s insistence wouldn’t deter him from standing in the aisle and keep going on talking. Would sheepishly act to promise to go to his seat on being told a few times by the air-hostesses but as the seat was at the end of the rows, most of the time he would get away. The chit-chat and his positioning, continued till the flight was about to give up altitude and was heading downwards, in its course to land. Someday later murmured, his destination was the Apollo Hospitals too for a check-up. A lot of us were sure that the doctors wouldn’t find much faults with his stamina and physical strength and a lot of the tests would come out fine. 🙂 So, most of us get a lot a interesting and amazing incidents to share, connected to our flight experiences.

  2. I’d kill for a peti right now!! Must’ve been a real sight… And it is not every day that you find a formally dressed girl carrying a peti of Alphonso mangoes around!!

    Nice read and wonderfully written…

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