First ‘flight’.

There are somethings that instantly put a smile on your face. One such thing happened with me over this weekend. On the flight from Ahmedabad to Nagpur that stopped at Pune, a man and his uncle were on the seats in front of me. And it was their first time on a flight. They settled down nice and quiet but grew visibly excited when the departure of the flight was announced by the captain and the plane started it’s taxi route towards the runway.

Pune being a defense airport, has a lot of fighter planes. There were two fighter planes on the runway scheduled to take off before us. The man and the uncle looked in awe at the fighter planes and the immense sound that followed. The planes distracted them for a while but soon it was our plane next for take-off. The engine roared and the passengers were pushed back because of the sudden increase in speed.. the man looked outside, his lips moving in prayer. The uncle,on the other hand, put his fingers in his ears, expecting the plane to blow up into smithereens any second.

The plane took off and the man looked triumphantly at his uncle and declared – We are flying. Aaah, that look of joy on the old man’s face when he smiled back and took those fingers out of his ears. Things we take for granted once we’ve done them time and over again, things like the joy that you are in a flying object. The feeling that by association, you are now flying! It is rare to see that innocence I saw in the eyes of these two people that day. It is rare to see grown-ups having such delightful first experiences due to technology. It is heartening to see adults behave like kids for a change.


It’s a pleasure to see emotions take flight.


9 thoughts on “First ‘flight’.

  1. GauravDadhich says:

    Nice post! I can relate to the emotion expressed for two main reasons – 1) I first became airborne only recently and my natural reaction was “Wow! I am flying!” 2) My mom and sister have not air-traveled yet.I plan to capture their emotions when they do.Mom has waited enough! That makes me understand the old man’s feelings..

    • Awww I am glad this post could bring a smile on your face too .. it really is heartening.. akin to the smile on your grandmother’s face when she skypes with a distant relative for the first time. Aaah, the marvels of technology! Here’s wishing a beautiful first flight to your mom! 😀

  2. Rondeep says:

    An elder in my family gets paranoid during monsoons because of the turbulence. Also, would wait in the viewing area till the plane carrying a family member became bird-like and vanished in the sky, and would arrive for a flight of a loved one, hours in advance. So those instances of innocence of that family member sprang to my mind. 🙂 Pity that person’s most favored flight, Kingfisher Airlines, which gave a lot of child-like joys during air-travel, namely Television experience in the flight, Ear-Phones, Good food, etc. is in a state of disarray, making the person sad too.

    • Awww.. that is really touching! KF’s state saddens me too.. but air-travel is inherently a joyful activity.. it makes you feel so special and privileged.. to be up in those skies.. 🙂

      • Rondeep says:

        True that. 🙂 To be up in the skies, makes one truly feel special and privileged. Cut off from the rest of the world. After my first flight in childhood, I took me a good while to realize I was in a different city in a matter of few minutes – Now the rocket experience remains to be checked. 😉 Maybe by becoming a space tourist, once I work enough to gather sufficient resources for the same. 😀

      • hahahahhahaa all the best for your rocket experience. That time you will be in orbit in a few minutes – space travel is surely going to happen. Hope it will be affordable as well 😛

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