A 50 today, a 100 tomorrow.

The 100th ton awaits. But we shall wait 🙂



2 thoughts on “A 50 today, a 100 tomorrow.

  1. Rondeep says:

    Sharing a fond memory. It was a fine winter’s day on the 8th of Nov 09, India v Australia in my city. Got hold of pavilion balcony tickets..somehow. Caught some stunning glimpses of the great man in the pavilion, from from my seat during the entire match. Was absolutely privileged to see him go through all the small routines, like gesturing to the team-mates to start with their warm-up stuff from the balcony, who all waited for him for a while in the field, out of respect as he was a bit late to come out of the change room ; or like joking around with team mates ; shadow practices after padding up ; explaining to a team-mate about the ball that he got out on with hand gestures and feet movements and how he should’ve played that ball ; subtle gestures to team mates batting at the crease. Such simplicity in those stuff! Totally *Amazing* scenes those were!! As the match concluded, I lunged into the balcony railing and screamed for about half and hour non-stop, only these words, ‘SACHIN.. SACHIN’ and managed to point to him a poster made by me which said, ‘Sachin, you’re like God to me. Please bless me with your Autograph!’ Alas! didn’t get an autograph, but a wonderful wave and a broad smile from him upon seeing my poster, will stay with me for the rest of my life. Maybe he would’ve come out for the autograph from the door of the pavilion, had it not been for a killjoy security guard and for that moron Gambhir dragging him away for some talk. But, still got that poster with me, maybe for next time surely!

  2. Wow that is so inspiring!! Whattay moment!!
    I was fortunate enough to see him make his century live at the Jamtha Stadium at Nagpur last year.. saw it from the best seats possible.. just next to the stand that had the pavilion. Such a privilege.

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