The last Harry Potter movie. Premiered.

This was Trafalgar Square yesterday where hundreds and thousands of Harry Potter fans
camped for the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: II. This photograph in particular makes me so happy that there are people who share the same madness for Harry Potter
as I do. 
If I could, I would travel 7000 miles and more just to watch the world premiere of this amazing movie
franchise of the book that has influenced me to the core. The premiere date for India is about a week away, and I kind of dread that day.. because I know I will end up crying in the movie theatre 
when the last scene of the movie will end.. something beautiful that just kept evolving into 
bigger and better things, is coming to it’s eventual end.. there will be no more waiting for new
HP trailers, waiting for the DVDs, then waiting for some trailers again.. my heart knows 
this is not the end, but still, for the ultimate Harry Potter fan, this is the end of another journey. 
The eternal journey continues, for Harry Potter and his friends, live on in my heart.

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