Sach is life :)

Happy Birthday, you wonder of a man! 
38 years to the moment you came to the rescue of a nation who needed to witness a miracle, who needed inspiration.. and though you have reached Godly status in my country, I know you are human, and yet you are not. 

Every person who has watched you knows how you have managed the weight of expectations of a billion+ crazy fans for 20 years. You Sir, are legend.

6 thoughts on “Sach is life :)

  1. very good lines….no words can praise his legacy…he is God of cricket…we love him forever…love u master….many more happy returns of the day to God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar..God bless u with love,peace,health,wealth & u master ♥…

  2. The feeling is mutual Satya.. No amount of words are enough to praise this man.. this man who is so extra-ordinary in whatever he does.. just when one thought that he would slow down after the World Cup victory, he shows he can never lose his passion for the game.. just look at him in this version of the IPL!!!

  3. Short of words… I can never be tired watching his videos, articles abt him and many more. This man has never ever let us down. Even though if he fails with bat he win our heart with his dedication and honesty towards the game. He is now beyond cricket. Part of everyone's life. Timeless Tendulkar… Hats off to you Sir. Thanks for making us proud for these many years. Cant Imagine Cricket witout Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

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