Sometimes you try to be everything..

and everyone..

Yes, sometimes you try to be everything and everyone. This is what I realised a few days back after a
certain event. Sometimes, you have such high expectations from others that lowering the bar for yourself and bringing some tolerance into the equation never comes in the equation. You forget how it was when
you were not good at things someone else required you to do and how you would be treated patiently and kindly when you erred. This is exactly what some things in life teach you, when someone you love and trust, finally shows you the mirror.

High expectations? Yes.
The other crucial factor here is what you want to be and the difference between the idealistic you and the person that you are. Growing up, knowing your parents and their work, you wish to be just like them,
perfect and proficient in their field. And then sometimes you forget that it is their 20 years of experience that makes them who they are and you ALSO forget that Rome was not built in a day. You try to do things like them, you try to see things from their view, you think of how your parents would approach a certain thing and when the idealistic you does not want to disappoint, you start shielding your shortcomings from the people who love and take on more than you can deliver, more than you can complete.

And then, if you are lucky to have such beautiful human beings as your parents as I do, there will come a moment in time when there will be that soft touch on your shoulder, the experienced eye who knows the crumbling self inside, the knowing smile who knows your shaky belief.. who will stop you, hold your hand firmly and tell you

It’s alright if you say no. It is alright to be upset. It is alright if you do not do everything. 

It is alright. 

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you try to be everything..

  1. Wonderful Post Sukhi !! :)I try to do this everytime and yes I meet the same fate you point out in the last paragraph !! and that is when I get up and learn where I went wrongP.S : It is alright should be replaced with All is Well 😛

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