Silent rambling..

Everyone’s parents warns them to study hard to get into a good grad school. Everyone tries, some not that much and like the author, end up in a not so good college for graduation. Everyone’s parents tell them why it is so important to get into a good grad school and how good a launching pad it is. The thing is, you don’t know EXACTLY what they mean unless you graduate from grad school, and someone you know graduates from an infinitely better grad school.. 

What that translates into is – 
Having lesser exposure
Having lesser pay 
Having a less attractive and challenging job
Missing the launchpad altogether 
Not having enough ‘relevant’ knowledge about the industry
and finally, 
falling behind in this big fat race called life 
Now I am not saying that this is happening to me because I am yet to finish my education. But the difference I note between students of a so-so college and those from a good college are too many to even count. I know that this should not mean a lot to many people who have a lot of belief in their capabilities but no one can deny  the amount of good a good college does to an individual. 
The pang when you see people your age excel at things you never imagined were possible, the things which you always thought were out of reach.. when all that starts happening, your parents’ words ring truer than ever. 

22 thoughts on “Silent rambling..

  1. You are absolutely spot on – a good college makes a lot of difference. And most of us realize it a bit late 🙂 But that's fine. May be you gained something very precious that you otherwise might not have gained at that 'good' college. "Life is like a Box of Chocolates… You Never Know What You're Gonna Get!" – Forrest Gump

  2. Thank you so much for those healing words, Animesh.. You're right about the chocolate box analogy.. one more extension is that maybe you're just at the wrapper.. what lies next is what matters 🙂

  3. Thats true. All you can do now is go an extra mile in keeping yourself updated with the relevant subjects."The pang when you see people your age excel at things you never imagined were possible, the things which you always thought were out of reach.. when all that starts happening, your parents' words ring truer than ever."I know I know 🙂 But its not necessary these people made it just because of their grad do things unimaginable you've gotta be supremely confident about your abilities. Then there's no stopping you..and no matter where you are > you can reach anywhere :)Take a chill. Don't feel bad about your coll. You're very talented.And I'm pretty sure you too are going to excel in the field you choose.

  4. it matters good college and good exposure but more than that what matters is person capabilities and its dream, if he has guts he can swim through the rough ocean without any problem…Majority of bizmen are not from goood colleges but still rocks the nation..

  5. YEs indeed is s oright that we dont listen to what our parents say when they are saying it .. I was the same.. I feel that one shud learn from others experiences … rather then the old age rule of learn from ur own mistakes… Good college means , good teachers and its our teachers who make us … we learn so muc hfrom them so iif we get good ones we obviously are better offf… but saying that as you said if you are confident and work hard you can still achieve what you want to , hard work always pays :)good one

  6. Sugar, this was in no way a commentary on my attitude.. it's just a summation of the feeling of my friends who always wanted to go into this field.. Having said that, you know I don't want to end up in this field and have other plans for my education.. It's just a commentary on how things change and suddenly you're forced to like what you get..

  7. @ Niraj and Bikramjeet .. I know I know.. If you work hard, such small things don't matter.. as they say, it does not matter where you come from.. all that matters is where you take it to 🙂

  8. its sooo true yaar…i rebelled againt my parent's wish…took a path less travelled and now i am lost…my college life is like "the worst" part of my life…and the only option left for me,now, is to crack CAT somehow…and get into the top cluster college…that is my only redemptionneways, all the best buddy… i wish you come out with the flying colors… 🙂

  9. Sameer, Thanks! :)Shivam, It's not about taking the 'path' prescribed by your parents, it's just that we always think that they are nagging us into doing more, but eventually when we land up at some place which we know we don't deserve, nothing seems truer than what they used to say 🙂

  10. true…today when i re-read my comment i found it to be bit pessimistic…I mean who am I to judge if those decisions were mistakes!!… who guarantees that, had I gone the other way round things would have been better for me??May be its already better for me…may be I am unable to look beyond imperfections…I'll find my way out…that's for sure…and so will you!!!

  11. Commend you for your honesty. I quite agree with what Animesh says in his first comment. You never know what you might have missed had you been in one of the 'good' colleges. And that holds true not just for colleges, but also in other areas of life. 🙂

  12. corridor learning means relevant (and often practical) learning in the campus that does not fall in the normal realm of classrooms, courses and exams… what you learn from your batchmates, seniors, libraries, peers, experimentation and exploration. Like Harry's DA class but not always in a rebellious sense 😉

  13. Am old enough to know this is not true at all. But I believed the same thing at your age. So I am going to let life tell you the answers I already know.And who knows, you may just realize your POV is spot on 🙂

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