When mush takes over the brain

When mush takes over the brain, 
You know it’s time for the rains, 
Suddenly you find your motivation going down the drain, 
and the romantic in you is at the helm, with the reigns
A cup of hot steaming coffee, 
As you watch the rains lash and pour, 
Your favorite books kept close, 
As the wind slams open the doors
A frantic rush to the verandah, 
To gather all the clothes, 
Smiling at the half wet you, 
After a glance at the mirror you cannot control
And then the child inside beckons, 
Wanting to run out and splash around, 
Not a care in the world, 
Just wanting to go wild like the clouds
And then the phone rings, 
A dear friend’s voice crackling through, 
Bringing that knowing smile on your face,
Something only a true friend can do
The longest conversation in the world, 
A marathon reading session, not missing a single word,
Endless cups of coffee, 
And after many many a sigh, 
You realize it’s stopped raining, 
A dream, again, perhaps, another day.

16 thoughts on “When mush takes over the brain

  1. Beautiful :-)Its a shame though, everything which brings a smile is a dream…Iv recently fallen in love with the rain too. Prefer to open my window full, half my body out, arm outstretched, watching, feeling the drops fall on my hand…then slip off 🙂

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