Some things never age, they are simply timeless. One of them is the movie, “My Fair Lady”, made in 1964 
starring one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the screen, Audrey Hepburn and the dashing 
Rex Harrison, this movie just cannot be reviewed or rated, it simply has to be experienced at least once
in your lifetime.

A simple story about how an arrogant, phonetics professor takes on the challenge of 
passing a flower-seller on the street as a Duchess at an upcoming Royal Ball through change in her language
and speech, My Fair Lady touches your heart through it’s simplicity, it’s stress on the intrinsic
qualities of human nature, the gamut of expressions on display and through the terrific performance
by the entire cast. 
Though Rex Harrison went on to win the Oscar for his portrayal of Henry Higgins later
that year, it baffles me that Audrey Hepburn did not win an Oscar for her performance
in this movie, which was nothing less than exemplary. The supporting cast was also nominated for Oscars.
Not many may know, but a famous Marathi play by the name of Fulrani is an adaptation of 
My Fair Lady, being written and edited for marathi audiences by the legendary Pu.La.Deshpande. 
That’s very good for trivia, but I would urge all you movie-lovers out there to watch this gem of a movie,
and if time permits, read Pygmalion, the book by G.B.Shaw, on which the movie is based.

7 thoughts on “Timeless..

  1. Yeah Audrey was a fine actress. 🙂 Haven't seen the movie though. U seem to be watcing a lot of movies these days. I don't see u on my blog, why so!?

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