Monsoon masti!

Today I purposely splashed water on two unsuspecting motorists by revving my car into a pool of water which had gathered near a speed-breaker, thereby completely drenching them in water!

Now that I think of it, I don’t know why I did it..
maybe the rain-induced humidity, irritation and delays got to me, the devil inside me snared up!

I should be feeling guilty, but I feel SO happy.
It is like getting back at ALL people who ever splashed water/mud on me on a rainy day!
*evil smirk*

6 thoughts on “Monsoon masti!

  1. Heyy! Thanks for the comment! :DOh Godd, yeah, the rains can be awesome and irritating, at the same time, lol! The other day I went to buy some stationery from the local stationers, and I got stranded because it raining so heavily: buuuut, there was this chaat place right next to it and I got have to paani puri. Like, two plates, while waiting for the rain to end. How awesome is that?!:P Yepp, I love the rain.

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