Talking of trains..

Talking of trains because I have just returned from a long 12 hour train journey and I could not
stop myself .. stop myself from thinking about the sleeping arrangement in our trains, by which I meant the Indian Railways.. it has always interested me- these tactics, to fit in the most amount of people in the least amount of space available..

And as I tried to fall asleep on a side berth, my mind wandered off to other countries, thinking how the sleeping arrangements in those trains must be like?

For the uninitiated, the sleeping arrangement by Indian Railways looks like this –

If you know of the sleeping arrangements in trains of other countries, do share them with me..
Also equally welcome are your ‘sleeping’ experiences aboard the Indian Railways


14 thoughts on “Talking of trains..

  1. Its been ages since i traveled by IR. But i hav some interesting memories of train travel as a child. 🙂 I used to love the time i got to read novels and listen to songs on walk man (which is extinct now) 😛

  2. its been ages since i had a night journey on the IR. but everytime i had, was an experienec for sure. for the people u meet, for the things u do, for those adjustments done, love the journey sure

  3. hmm…travellin by train is always exciting for me n i love sleeping i nthe train.. 😛 🙂 The winds blowing n the chug-chug noise …aahh ..I m missing train journeys n i hvnt been on trains cant add to tht section…..!!! 🙂

  4. although i still travel by train a lot but honestly saying i hate IR specially the food,its no good…..but ya its fun seeing and meeting new people on a long journey

  5. although i still travel by train a lot but honestly saying i hate IR specially the food,its no good…..but ya its fun seeing and meeting new people on a long journey

  6. As I love traveling..I prefer to travel in train than in air..I loved it specially the moments you get to share with yourself…only problem i have is not able to sleep at times due to snoring…he he he…It's a gr8 problem that you have to face coz of fellow passenger…Just try check out urself…its like a rhythm developed unknowingly by people..

  7. @ Ria : Almost all of us must have traveled by train atleast once in our life.. I am especially fond of reading the stations' names as they flash by :D@ Chandana : The journey is always enjoyable..with the right kind of people as company, read family and cousins :D@ Urvashi : I don't know why.. but I think the sleeping arrangement in other country trains must be better!

  8. @ Swatantra : Ditto, can't sleep in trains either!@ Jay : IR food is good but in select trains..:P@ Niraj : Not just the noise, but also the hygiene! 😛

  9. See here for Langkawi express, a famous train which crosses 3 countries. :-)

  10. Wow 🙂 Trains are something that I love a lot . As a child , Train Journeys have always excited me. I used to believe that when I pushed my seat , the trains used to move. Always wondered why it was my train that was moving slow while all the other trains moved by fast ( Until I learnt the law of Physics )One thing to mention is your co passengers . Some become your good friends and I have made some good Friends out in the journey . While some turn out o be perfect boresI have always compared Railway Stations to as the magic lands :)You have written a nice post but I feel you should have elaborated one of your memories on the IR 🙂 Asking people for memories when you do not share one is not fair , no ?? 🙂

  11. WOW Nisha 😀 That was really interesting – thanks! @ Geek God : Oh! I will reserve another blog post for telling you all about my rail experiences, there have been just too many to fit into one 🙂

  12. Your blog on the sleeping arrangement has really incited me to plan a long train journey, which i'm not able to afford due to tight work schedules and very little amount of travelling that i need to do.The slashing of prices by airlines has reduced my train travel.I remember that I have traveled so much by IR during my childhood and student days that those days i used to long for and wait when i could travel by Air.Now the travel log has totally reversed and I really long for a train journey where I could just sleep sleep sleep. Its the sleep which i long for more than the train journey. But yes I would now prefer the A/c coach travel which I could not afford during my childhood and student days.

  13. Oooh.. 🙂 That is so nice.. am glad my blog could make you feel good about Indian rail.. I have many fond memories associated with IR.. school team trips to play table tennis for the school, cousins outing, Tirupati trips..:)Hope you have a great rail trip, whenever you plan it..:D

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