My brother

Dear brother,
Sometimes you make it very hard to love you
But most of the times,
you make it impossible not to.

There are those special moments,
when I realize that you are the perfect foil,
to me, and all that I have grown up to be in all these years,
you’ve seen me grow and change

I’ve seen you grow and change
and I remember when you tagged along wherever I asked you to
and now I see you happily surrounded by friends
and I get a tad jealous
wishing one of those people was me

But I know, somewhere deep inside,
You love me just the same,
You don’t have to show it..
You don’t.. because I love you too

Dear brother,
I love you ..


11 thoughts on “My brother

  1. Waah! you wrote post for brother *applauds* it's a nice nice poem… wonder if my brother will ever write one for me.. he's the older one… so he should write 😉 :-w

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