Do you know what it feels like..

When nature plays a game with you.. when the earth lays parched because of the summer’s
onslaught, after weeks of heat.. you see the big grey saviors in the sky..those grey clouds that make
you both scared and happy..

Scared because somewhere inside of you, a kid is still scared of thunder and lightning..
Happy because you can’t wait to smell the earth the way it smells when the first
drops of rain hit the ground.. you look on as nature creates the perfect build up..

Before you know it, there are clouds everywhere.. circling in with great speed.. you can see
the sky go through unbelievable tones of the grayscale.. as you can feel yourself hold
your breath when the wind starts blowing.. when you can hear the howling.. the speed, the intensity..

Do you know what it feels like when after all this, the clouds pass over and there is not a single drop of rain?


Feels like someone ruined a perfect relationship.

10 thoughts on “Do you know what it feels like..

  1. Wass der wth u …. going thru all thss..was expectng lightnings sme light rain i told u also …but still it didnt…. i too was upsett…was waitng for it soo longg…but it did nt….. :(sme weird thngs cme up our way whn v expect it to b smethng else…nd seriously breaks our heart!!!!!:( 😦

  2. Someone ruin the perfect feels like the same…Relationship of Sky and earth seems to be as rocky and bumpy as any other relation on the earth….

  3. @ ChengdiReally, it was heartbreaking when that happened.. especially after a couple of VERY hot days .. the earth was like PARCHED .. ok now I am exaggerating :P@ Mel and Ria : Thanks *hugs*@ Niraj : Yes.. dharti aur asmaa ❤

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