Questions and Answers =)

Questions, questions .. so many questions ..
So many of them that life throws our way ..
Is your answer another question?
Is your question another answer?
You may not always have it your way ..

Questions, questions .. so many imperfections ..
What do you do when a question encounter you may ..
Dont run away from those questions ..
You dont always need to run after perfection ..
Because at the end of the road ..
Life is a question ..
And only you have the answer..

12 thoughts on “Questions and Answers =)

  1. beautiful. Every first date I go on I play 20 questions. It's my favorite date because I get answers…maybe not the "honest" ones…but I get something. I love this. Btw thank you for all your comments on my blog. they are such a helpful delight to read. *hugs*

  2. The world is an exam with unlimited questions.I once read – "To the question of your life, you're the only answer! To the problems of your life you're the only solution!"

  3. @ Mel *HUUGSSSSSS back*I love going through your posts.. they are INSTANTLY identifiable for me :)Thankie :D@ Saabs : WOW , I had never read that!Where did you read it?:DSweet coincidence!

  4. u hav put it up soo wellll….nd truly saidddd"QUESTIONS QUESTIONS EVERYWHERE…."Its life…even for a small silly thing v have to go thru hell lot of questions…Keeep it up!!!! ❤

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